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  About me  

The man from the South Pacific
I was born in New Zealand in 1962. I studied graphic design in Auckland and then moved to France in 1986. After living in Lyon for 18 months I moved to London and have been there ever since. During this time I worked as a graphic designer for major feminine brands such as Clarins, Bourjois and Christian Dior. I now divide my time between London and Krakow. Krakow is a people-sized city. And the architecture is so full of soul-lifting aesthetic pleasures.

For the moment I have left behind the corporatism that bedevils most contemporary design. I am concentrating on my own interpretation of beauty and aesthetic pleasure. To date I have had three exhibitions in Krakow. Future projects for Poland include the publication of a book that I wrote with my wife. "Bona Sforza and how the Renaissance came to Poland" will tell teh story of how an Italian became Queen of Poland and effectively introduced Poland to an entirely new way of living.

Future artistic plans involve and major shift to oil painting, possibly in the form of portraits of some of Krakow’s women.