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2012. Exhibition at the Austrian Consulate
'In the footsteps of Klimt'
- March 2012.
The exhibiton was comprised of my 'Secession' work and staged to coincide with the150th anniversary of Gustav Klimt's birth. On the opening night, as well as my pictures, guests and visitors were entertained and enchanted by the glamourous Krakow mezzo soprano, Bozena Zawislak-Dolny and the acclaimed pianist, the feisty Renata Zelobowskiej-Orzechowskiej. Such was the appeal of the work, of Klimt and of the music that there was standing room only in the large gallery at the Austrian Consulate. More than 200 people attended. Some could not enter during the musical interlude because the doorway was full of unmoving people. It was like Beatlemania all over again. Well, perhaps not quite.

Soon I will post photos from the exhibiton on this site. Also coming soon will be a revised gallery section showing a number of the Secession pictures that I exhibited at this exhibition.

2011. Exhibition at Niepolomice Royal Castle
Southern Poland
- May 27th 2011
The exhibiton will last for one month - until the end of June. It is taking place in a Renaissance summer palace that dates from the mid 14th century. The castle is located just 25km from Krakow and is currently home to the famous Czartoryski art collection while the collection's usual home - a museum in Krakow - is being rennovated.

The theme of my current show will follow that of my previous shows - Goddesses, primarily of the Egyptian and bronze age type. The work is more sophisticated, darker and decadent than before.

2009. Exhibition at Wieliczka Salt Mine
Southern Poland
- July 2009
In July 2009 I exhibited in one of he enormous galleries in the world famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. The exhibition, entitled 'Goddesses and other women' was up for around three months.

The Wieliczka mine is a UNESCO site and is a magical subterranean world of tunnels, underground lakes, stelagtites and labyrinths. It attracts around 4,000 to 6,000 visitors every day. So at the time the exhibition closed, well over three hundred thousand people had seen my pictures.

2008. Exhibition at the Filharmonia
- October - December 2008
'Women and music' will be on display at the esteemed Filharmonia building for the final quarter of the year. Around 30 of my prints will be on display, some specially executed for the show.